Join us on a magical and very special spiritual journey to one of the most magical and powerful energy centres of the world - to the Sacred Valley of Peru.
A journey to your essence
17. - 28. May 2021
Urubamba, Peru


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Our Vision

Peru is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, fascinating and mystical countries you can ever get to know. This unique country is not only one of the oldest cultural centers, it is also one of the most bio-energetic centers on earth with great magnetic force. A country full of ancient spiritual wisdom, which is more in demand today than ever.

It is our dream to make visitors feel the country, the culture and its wisdom up close, away from the tourist path, to let go of their everyday life and to get involved very carefully and yet noticeably deeply into another world. We want to build a bridge with the fascinating outer landscapes to our own inner world, to be inspired to transform, heal and return to what we are - ONE with nature.