About us

Katja & Iwa

Iwa and Katja live as a small multicultural family with their 2-year-old son in the Sacred Valley of Peru. They founded Iwa Wasi - Chaupi Tinkuy three years ago, a small intimate cultural center, a safe place for exchange, healing and opportunities for self-discovery in the midst of nature.

Katja is originally from Germany, but has lived in the Andes of South America for more than 10 years. Formerly a foreign language teacher, she followed her mission a few years ago to accompany people as an intuitive coach, medium and shamanistic healer. It is her passion to read the soul contracts, both on an interpersonal level and between animals and humans, that let us see what we can learn from each other and change and heal through our insights in our lives. She also has deep intuitive skills that allow her to connect to the spiritual world for her clients and pass on their messages.

Iwa comes from a Quechua-speaking indigenous family in the Bolivian Andes. Deeply rooted in his culture and his ancestors it is his passion and mission to pass on his extensive knowledge to people in order to help them find themselves again and thus again to Mother Earth. Iwa works as a travel guide, musician and artist.

Petra Kaltner lives in Austria. Born with a fire mark on her face, her life since childhood has been guided by the question of how the invisible shapes the visible and how this relates to the meaning of our life. When she was 20, she emigrated to France in search of herself, where she lived for 22 years and had a vision in 2005 as part of her body-oriented psychotherapy practice: to found a center for healing and unconsciousness.

Her house - the “Quintessence Center” - in Carinthia is dedicated to this vision. A place to meet and support processes to become more “in tune with yourself and life”. Two levels are relevant here: internal processes as our personal development journey and external processes as social development in the form of new, vital approaches to a peaceful future. Intercultural exchange and encounter with other ways of life also play an important role in relation to our “becoming whole as humanity”. Petra will acompany the German speaking retreat.