17. - 28. May 2021


Urubamba, Peru

A journey to your essence

Join us on a magical and very special journey to one of the most powerful energy centers on earth - the Sacred Valley of Peru.

A journey to your essence

Time & Place

17. - 28. May 2021

Urubamba, Peru

About the Retreat

We invite you to Peru, a country full of mysteries and treasures, to meet you in an unforgettable way.

Accompany us on hikes to holy temple sites, bathing under the stars, picnic in holy places, sacred cleansing in an Andean steam bath, unique connection with powerful energetic centers and dreamlike landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the ancestors and their connection with everything that surrounds them, get to know old sacred rituals and learn to use them for you personally.


This 12-day trip takes you to very special, partly unknown places and in this way also to your inner world and irrevocably to your essence. It opens doors for you to celebrate life, healing, transformation and growth in one of the most magical places on earth.


Day 1: Arrival in Urubamba and welcome to the Sacred Valley

Your guide and companion Iwa will pick you up from the airport in Cusco in the morning and together we will enjoy the scenic bus ride to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We start a slow and relaxed day so that you can get used to the altitude and the Andean mountain environment.

After a group orientation and getting to know each other, we make our first excursion into beautiful nature to hold a welcome ceremony and to ask for the blessing of the Apus (sacred mountains of the Andes).


In the Sacred Valley we spend the nights outside of the center of Urubamba, in the middle of nature full of hummingbirds, with a swimming pool and gardens. It is the perfect place to unwind, relax and recharge with positive energy. The hotel also offers yoga and meditation opportunities.


Day 2: The healing power of water

After a short ride we hike to an impressive waterfall. On the way you have the opportunity to get to know local medicinal plants and their healing potential. After a typical Andean picnic lunch, we connect ritually with the healing and cleansing power of the water.

On the way back we get to know a particularly magical cave. Hidden between the mountains, great masters built a powerful place for initiations and rites. A ritual accompanied by ancestral ceremonial music lets us feel the energy of this place.


Day 3: Ollantaytambo - walking between the living traces of the Incas

We visit the lively Inca city of Ollantaytambo at an altitude of 2792m with its old original stone streets and aqueducts. Here, in a huge temple complex, we explore the splendor of the Inca constructions in the form of a lama, the amazing sun temple, huge, perfectly carved and polished stone blocks, stone water fountains, the condor temple, stairs, terraces and the beauty of the locals in their traditional clothing. We have lunch in a typical local restaurant.

Dinner we will enjoy with a good friend and afterwards we experience a concert of a very special kind.


Day 4: Cocoa ceremony / steam bath

In the morning we learn more about the sacred animals in the Andes, the protectors and advisors as well as their original and current significance for people. Afterwards we will get to know our personal power animal in a sacred cocoa ceremony. Just like spiritual companions or angels, this is a protective spirit in animal form that accompanies us in life or certain important stages of life. He takes care of us, gives valuable advice and is always by our side. We creatively integrate our new master and his very personal messages into our lives.

Afterwards we have time to relax, write, bathe in the pool or get a shamanistic healing session.

In the late afternoon we sweat in an Andean steam bath with aromatic herbs and homemade essential oils.


Day 5: The Sacred Moon Temple

This day tour takes us to a very special archaeological site from the pre-Columbian period. This temple site was a very important place to connect with Willka Killa, the Holy Mother Moon. For the people in the Andes, Mother Moon offers the bridge to our feminine energy (i.e. to our intuition, feeling, silence, transformation, playing). In the form of ceremonial rites, she still brings valuable news to people today when they are ready to open their minds and hearts.

At this special place, we invite you on a shamanistic journey that supports you to get to know your inner female and male side better, to better understand their needs, feelings and fears.


Day 6: Pisac

We enjoy a relaxing morning and personal time to enjoy the pool, meditate or write. In the late morning we drive to Pisac, at the other end of the Sacred Valley. Just outside the small cozy place are the archaeological sites of Pisac, with a citadel, towers and astronomical observatories. The Inca cemetery there is the largest in America. After a delicious lunch, we stroll through the large market, where not only food such as sweet potatoes, corn and quinoa, but also all kinds of handicrafts are sold, such as sweaters, ponchos, bags, ceramics and jewelry.


Day 7: Moray / Salinas / thermal baths

In the morning visit the temple of Moray, a mysterious Inca site. Circular concentric terraces that look like a huge amphitheater form a huge bowl. Among other things, this place served as the agricultural research center of the Incas. At different heights, the Incas simulated different microclimate zones to plant plants from different climates from the coast or the jungle.

Between winding streets, the view suddenly opens up to hundreds of salt pans that extend down into the valley in terraces - and the salt fields from pre-Inca times are still served today, as was the case almost 2,000 years ago.

After a delicious picnic lunch, we drive through the breathtaking mountains of the Andes, past llama and alpaca herds to thermal springs that have a reputation for being very healing and cleansing. We spend the night in an accommodation in the hot springs in order to enjoy its different temperature pools under the stars.


Day 8: thermal springs in the Andes

The following afternoon we will return to Urubamba, on the way back we still have some natural wonders to enjoy and a visit to an indigenous community where we can watch the production of traditional textiles.


Day 9: In the clouds with the Incas

This day trip leads us to a very enigmatic mysterious temple site of the Incas, which has not yet been developed for tourism. The name Waqrapukara means "horn fortress" in the native Quechua language, an allusion to the two clearly horn-shaped peaks that dominate the place. Similar to Machu Picchu, the Inca builders of Waqrapukara merged fine masonry with the nearby rock formations to create buildings that stand out from their surroundings and impressively blend in with their surroundings.


Day 10: Cusco

We say goodbye to the Sacred Valley and drive to the former heart of the Inca Empire, located at 3,416m. Cusco is a fascinating mixture of the influences of today's Quechua Indians and times of Spanish colonization. On a tour of the city center, we can admire old Inca walls next to magnificent Catholic churches. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town of Cuszo has remained largely unchanged and has been able to retain its original charm. We also visit Qoricancha, the heart of a huge astronomical observatory, which is mainly dedicated to Viracocha, the creator god and Inti, the sun god. The magnificent palace honors the moon, Venus, the Pleiades and various other natural gods.

In the afternoon we get to know Sacsayhuaman, a huge ceremonial center on the outskirts of Cusco, characterized by the giant stone paw of the Puma and the Temple of Enlightenment. We explore this amazing site and then hike on our own to feel the energy of this sacred place.

Our overnight stay is in a centrally located hotel in Cusco. In the evening we have the opportunity to share our impressions of the past few days and to learn about the history of the city of Cusco and the Incas in a conversation.


Day 11: Cusco

Our last day together is dedicated to a very special place in Cusco that most tourists are not familiar with. We ritually connect with the wisdom and energies of this place with the help of Iwa and finally bless our journey by the fire, handing over everything to the fire that we do not want to take home.

After our closing ceremony, we enjoy together a very special, typical Andean dish in this mysterious place. Andine Sikuri music invites you to dance along and happily end our journey together.

We also spend our last night in Cusco.


Day 12: departure

You can book further excursions or treatments with us after completing the described program. You may contact us for more information.


Your trip includes:

- Transfer from Cusco to Urubamba

- Private tours with local and German guides

- Transport throughout the trip

- 12 nights accommodation in double rooms

- 11 breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Excursions and admissions to the archaeological sites

- Special ceremonies

- 2 weeks online support before and 3 weeks online support after the end of the trip


All for a total price of 2333 Euros per person - based on a number of 10 people in a double room (surcharge for single room: 250 Euros per person)

Early booking discount available until: 15.2.2021 for 2090 Euros p.P.)


The trip does not include:

- International flight costs to Lima, Peru

- National flight costs Lima - Cusco

- Airport taxes if necessary

- Personal expenses (laundry service, phone calls, room service etc.)

- Alcoholic drinks

- Tips

- Travel cancellation costs / health and travel insurance

- Photos from a professional photographer who accompanies us during parts of our trip

- Additional healing sessions


What you will learn and experiment on our trip.