Do you want to be supported by the divine masculine? Walking alongside the teachings of the ancestors, feeling the earth, connecting with the energies through the beauty of the ceremonial cocoa. I was led with Iwa to Killarumiyoq, a sacred temple dedicated to the moon goddess of heaven, the floods of fertility that permeate us all. Iwa is very attuned to the country and could see what the group needed and approach the country accordingly. He has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has been passed on to him by his family. He shares the teachings in an ancestral poetic language that vibrates throughout his body. He expresses the importance of offerings and respects these sacred places with awe. Iwa is by far one of the best guides I have had in the Sacred Valley of Peru. His relationship with all elements and with Mother Cacao is a strong prayer that can be felt for days. He will take you off the beaten path and do a lot of thinking in your heart. Iwa is pure heart medicine for body, mind and soul. Haylli Sondra!

Sondra Hamilton, Peru

It has been an incredible blessing to have found Katja and to experience the nature of her work as an animal communicator. When I first met Katja at a small social gathering, she was warm, friendly and down to earth. I also met their beautiful dogs, one of which reminded me of my dear Zendog, who died almost 8 years ago. Zendog was my unconditional companion in a turbulent time of my life (in my 20s). He had survived cancer, had "accidentally" bitten in the past, and bitten the only time an hour before it was time to fall asleep. Since his death, I've been aware of a feeling of heaviness or confusion about his behavior. In general, I ignored this feeling; (after everything my dog ​​went through) When I met Katja and her dogs, these feelings came to the surface and I knew that I needed Katja to help me connect with the incompleteness of this relationship. The session with Katja was incredibly powerful and profound. She easily connected to my dog ​​and let me know what Zendog was communicating, and I immediately realized what I needed to communicate to heal my relationship with him. I still cannot believe that the healing I received from Katja was so powerful and I was so emotionally charged for so long that I was somehow "ignored". Katja's methods are professional and her connection to animals is characterized by integrity and respect. She is really talented. I would highly recommend Katja if you don't understand an animal in your life. Thank you, Katja!

Lightbeing Lynn, San Francisco

I love Katja's work and intuitive skills. For several months she has been accompanying me in my healing process in a very sensitive, intuitive and at the same time determinative way. She uses a variety of abilities and working methods, always knows what I need in the next moment to take further steps in my life - and all of this without ever having met in person, because all of our sessions are online. I am incredibly grateful to have found Katja as a healer, consultant and coach.

Vine, Massachusets