Peru is undoubtedly a beautiful country full of magic and mysticism. It is not only one of the oldest cultural centers, but is also one of the most bio-energetic centers on earth with impressive magnetic force. It is a country full of ancient spiritual wisdom, which is in demand more than ever in this very challenging time.

Despite the ever increasing demand for tourism in large parts of the Andes of Peru, there is still an untouched existence, in which ancient traditions, rites and customs of the ancestors have been preserved and handed down to the present day. In the remote mountain villages, the Q'ero Indians, direct descendants of the Incas, still practice 500-year-old spiritual healing and fertility rituals. You can feel the deep connection to Pachamama (mother cosmos) and the Apus (holy mountains).

By encountering the Andean culture, we also remember that everything in the universe is alive - not just people and animals, but also trees, plants, rivers, lakes, glaciers, mountains, rocks and stones! Life is energy and so everything is connected. The connection to Mother Earth and the energy of nature helps us to heal psychological and physical wounds, to recharge our batteries and to lead a contented, harmonious life.

It is our dream to let you experience this fascinating country away from the tourist path and to explore so many undiscovered secrets and supernatural magic. Here you will inevitably let go of your everyday life and will carefully and noticeably engage with another world.


Thanks to the fascinating outer landscapes, we build a bridge to our own inner world. We are inspired on the journey to transformation, healing and the return to what we are: ONE with nature.

Join us on our soul-warming and spiritual retreats. Experience the magic and magic of Peru and learn to live in harmony and balance with all of creation.

If you have any questions or would like detailed information about our retreat, please do not hesitate to contact us.