What you can learn and experiment
at our retreats in Peru

  • We actually take you to places that no travel agent offers.

  • You will get to know sacred temples and natural landscapes off the beaten track.
        You will learn techniques to integrate external calm into yourself
        to slow down the world of thoughts
        to practice humility, silence, mindfulness and gratitude
        while building a new bridge to your heart.


  • With the help of explicit techniques, you will learn how to control your energy.
    We are all energy that is always moving. Therefore, our emotions and thoughts are subject to constant change. This shows that we can be happy in one moment, then nervous and fearful again.
    The conscious control of their energy leads to
    a more conscious live in the here and now,
    a creation of a more intensive connection to everything that surrounds you
    and thus you find healing, transformation and more connection in all areas of life.


  • You get practical, simple tools that you can use at home at any time.

  • You get to know yourself better and gain powerful new insights into your own skills and talents.
    Peru will offer the sacred ground to activate or strengthen your own intuitive guidance and "inner knowledge".


  • You get opportunities to make peace with the past and relieve physical pain.
    In doing so, you also give sufficient attention to the heart and its feelings.


  • You will learn techniques with which you can clean, harmonize and activate your own energy centers (chakras).

  • You will learn how you can integrate the male and female energies of "Pachmama and Pachatata - mother and father cosmos" into your being and harmonize the masculine and feminine sides in yourself.
    This supports their balance between the polarities of acting - letting, receiving - giving, dreaming - doing, devotion - control, intuition - rationality, feeling - thinking, relaxing - pursuing goals, playing - growing.


  • You will get to know some of your spiritual companions who are always at your side and can help continuously.
    The beauty of the Andes offers the perfect setting to get to know "your personal guides" and his very personal messages.

  • You work with the energy of the Andean power animals, learn to use your wisdom for your personal life and to develop it further at home.

  • You practice techniques to connect with your ancestors that can help you live your soul purpose. Work with the "Apus - the ancestral spirits of the mountains", who have the wisdom of the ages and can give insights into the journey of your soul.

  • Your companions Katja and Iwa use their strong intuitive skills to strengthen and harmonize the connection between the external environment and the inner world.

  • Working with self-reflection and self-discovery helps you grow personally and professionally.

  • You will create a new relationship with Mother Earth and everything that defines her, with herself and her personal environment.